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Now You C Me Clothing Brand is a brand centered towards "The Underdogs" It is built around people who belief in oneself is so strong and powerful that no matter what obstacle is placed in their path they shall overcome it and thrive to greatness.  NYCM brand is a statement, it is a definite and clear expression of something that was spoken into "Fruition" Now You C Me!


NYCM is built for the ones who grind their hardest, who make sacrifices, that go the extra mile, that love others, but have just as much self love for oneself "Now You C Me"! 


This brand is to motivate you to never give up. Every time you look at yourself you remind yourself one day they will see me. You push on, and on till that moment without notice you hear them Gold and Platinum words,"This You" Then you turn and say your response "Now You C Me"!


No matter where you come from & where you want to get to. You have to stay focused, strong, and determined cause they will one  "C YOU"! 


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